Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We finished the final 2/3 of the CrossFit Total this morning with Press and Dead Lift.

I was pleasantly surprised with a 90# press and 250# DL, with the 195# squat that makes my total 535! I had absolutely no expectations of marks to hit going into this and I'm stoked to see that my strength is decent. Now I can stop worrying about being able to handle weights and work on metcon and gymnastics. The rings are still pretty tricky, but my push ups felt stronger today and Coach Jeremy even noticed that they looked better.

I'm learning a lot about my body still and what "better, well, fine, and healed" all mean. The only thing I'm not "allowed" to do is contact sports. The things that "hurt" are holding in the rack position, push ups, dips, probably bench press (which I will continue to avoid like the plague), and handstand push ups. At this point there are things that "I don't do well," but there is nothing that "I can't do period."

It's a weird thing, this whole being alive situation.

Just posted on the new brog, Fight Gone Blog. Check it out for some light  pleasure reading prior to the big Fight on September 25!

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