Monday, August 30, 2010


 Today was a nice change of pace from those ridiculous 400's of last week. I'm feeling much better about CrossFit in general now that I have mapped out a little timeline for myself. I put down some reference points that I would like to achieve. If I don't hit the marks, no big deal. It's just a way of comparing where I was last year to where I am now. However, I am going to take these marks into consideration as indicators of preparedness for competition. My ultimate goal is to make the CrossFit Games. My other goals are to make it through sectionals and to place well at regionals. But I'm not going to put myself into an event when my body isn't physically ready for it and by meeting these standards that I have set for myself, I will know where I stand in terms of competitiveness. I'm hoping to find a coach or another athlete who will go into an accountability program like I had with Michael Stanwyck last year.

We started laying out some baselines today, which will continue over the month. First we did back squat. I hit 215 back in January and did some reps of 155 over the past few weeks.


I'm really please with my effort today. Not so much with my form, but I'm sure that will develop. My goal is to be able to hit 2 reps of 225 by December, as suggested by my coach this morning Michael Winchester. Sounds good ya?

Speaking of Coach Mike, he had a great post about accountability on his blog. I'm going to borrow from him, even though I'm not in the Wolf Pack, due to my lack of testicles.

"I will take ownership. I will take ownership of my thoughts, words and actions. I will take ownership of my diet. I will take ownership of my lack of flexibility. I will take ownership for not training strength. I will take ownership for the decline in my METCON. I will take ownership for my commitments and responsibilities. I will take ownership for myself and my wolf pack. I will take ownership of my integrity. I will take ownership of my financial situation. I will take ownership of my goals and dreams. I will take ownership of my relationships to my family, friends and loved ones. I will take ownership of my ownership.

I will commit. I commit to pushing my potential. I commit to achieving that potential. I commit to being my best every single day and giving my all in each and every situation. I commit to taking opportunities presented and converting them into successes. I commit to creating something from nothing. I commit to turning dreams and goals into realities. I commit to this life, this world and the rest of eternity."

 Do it to it.


  1. Maybe through our manly strength training we can develop said missing testicles?

  2. Inky - who do I become a follower? I want to be able to track your progress during the year. Oh and btw, I miss your smiling face and encouragement.