Monday, October 24, 2011

"You have to enjoy it."

After Regionals, I was pissed. I was mad that I hadn't done better, I was angry with myself for not being fitter, I was frustrated that I hadn't strategized better, I was pissed. I finished 6th, behind 5 super star ladies, who had all been on stage at the CF games a year earlier. But I wanted to be with them. I wanted to be better.  I took 4th in the HSPU wod, 10th with 140# thruster, 7th in the DL/BJ, 8th in the 100's, 1st in Amanda, and 7th in the chipper. I felt that my metcon and strength hadn't developed as fully as they should have, compared to my skills. I blew it on the 100's by willingly putting my hands onto molten lava. And when it was done, I was discouraged that I knew if I had somehow made it to the next level, I wouldn't have been prepared for it. I was annoyed that my placing accurately reflected my preparation and physical preparedness. I earned that 6th place and it infuriated me.  

While everyone says that 2012 started on August 1st, I started my 2012 training on October 1st. I finally committed to being a professional and getting in the gym 5 days a week. I committed to the physical work. While my training has not been perfect- it has improved. What has not improved is my mindset. I'm emotional, before, during, and after workouts. And that is something I am going to have to work through. So I am collecting reading material, to try to get my mind right. To reset and reload. Feel free to pass along any gems or tips you have for finding that happy place!

Some great pieces have come out lately talking about the mental aspects of CrossFit training and competition. There are also some older pieces to check-in with.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

skin ink

My parents always said that I could get a tattoo when I'm 30, but that it will kill them.

So I'm really not ever going to get one... plus I already have a scar that is worth a million tats.

That scar does come into play here, what if I were to incorporate the scar into the tattoo? Make it part of a ribbon that runs around my body. Or even to write words along the scar as a border. Just something to make it pretty.
I've been thinking about the symbols, words, and colors that have meaning in my life. I feel most connected to the people in my life that have always loved and supported me and based on my opening sentence, they would find no honor in a tattoo of their name.

I have good feelings towards my Finnish background and definitely relate to the term sisu. I love abstract designs including the ones that I have saved from the corners of notebook pages and the backs of 3x5 cards.

All in all, I would want a tattoo to be pretty much non-visible in daily apparel, which mostly defeats the purpose. Or I could go with an exact copy of the picture on the left and never talk to my parents again.

CrossFit Games 2012 Training Log - October Week 1

October 1:
@ Austin HS
monkey bars
parallette walks
bar hurdles
5 strict pull ups
10 kb swings (24k)
10 seated box jumps onto 2 big tires
200m strides barefoot on grass
with sit ups, mb throw and chase, and push ups in between

October 2

October 3
Tabata Row
10 tuck press to HS- jumping
10 straddle to HS- jumping
10 pike to HS (jumping off box)
Clean (65#)
Box J (20")
start each round with 50ft bear crawl

October 4
W/up 400m run
5 push ups
5 pull ups
10 squats
Burgener with PVC, 35, 45
Muscle Snatch (1x each) 65-75-80-85-90-90
Power Snatch (3x each) 95-105-110-115-115
Squat Snatch (5x each) 95-100-105

12 C2B Pull Ups
24 Walking Lunges (25dbs)

October 5 & 6

October 7
800m run
strict push ups, pull ups, squats
Partner WOD with Lisa Thiel:
3x 50 DU, 5 G to OH (95#)
3x 50 DU, 5 Box J up & over (24")
50 DU
back squat (3x155, 5x155, 5x 135)
5 strict C2B pull ups
5 strict ring dips

October 8
500m row
shoulder mobility, couch stretch
push ups and squats
Clean & Jerk 5x1 with 3 min rest in between
(5x45, 3x95, 2x115) 135-145-155 FAIL on Jerk- 150-150-150
Mary 20 Min AMRAP
10 Pistols
15 Pull Ups
7 Rounds + 4 Pull ups

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Road to the 2012 Games, Part 1.

My intention is to become the most well rounded image of my athletic self. My intention is to be a CrossFit Games competitor.

I will supplement my main training in the 1pm group with yoga on Sunday's.  I will work specifically on longer metcons and handstand push ups among other gymnastic skills. I will add approximately 20# to my lifting PR's and drop 10% in time off of metabolic workouts.

I will  be mindful of maintaining a competitive spirit in every workout and seek failure and greatness.

I will seek the experience of wiser more knowledgeable partners. I will push my teammates to be their best and recognize success in their accomplishments.

Seeing the dates of the 2012 Games re-lit the competitive spark in my heart. The Games are schedules in between the US Track and Field Olympic Trials in Eugene, OR and the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Watching the coverage from the UFC Fan Expo in Houston this weekend stoked the fire and I'm ready to burn it down.