Thursday, January 19, 2012

how big do you want to be?

Teensie Carey Kepler and Me
This picture was sent to me with the caption, "I'm bigger than you."

I pretty much refuse to believe that the featherweight Carey has any size on me. I know she can pull more weight off the ground and back squat me and my mom, but she also runs like the wind and probably has bird bones.

I see Carey as being one of the "little" girls. She's got ridiculous strength and silly metcon, but that's cuz she's small and efficient.

I'm one of the big girls, right? I'm taller and should be stronger than her, right?

In reality, we are the same height. We are almost the same weight, with slightly different body compositions (she's leaner.)

Somehow I have it in my mind that I am taller than I really am. I have this idea that I am a big, tall, strong, girl who should be lifting more than I do. 

I think I have it in my mind that I am big because I want to be big. I want to be stronger. I want to be the last girl on the platform and godforbid- I want to be BULKY. That word is best used to describe mail packages, but I want to have the size to move the weight.

But then again, if Teensie Carey Kepler can rip 315 off the floor, it's not size that's holding me back...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Never Gonna Stop - CFES Style

This was shot at CrossFit East Sac, my favorite gym in Nor Cal, over Christmas break. I nailed 135 on the first attempt after some great coaching from Co-Owner Justin Riley.

Training at CFES over the holidays was an excellent change of environment and exposure to different programming and workout styles. CrossFit East Sac was the place of my very first WOD in November of 2008 (if I remember correctly- it was some double under, box jump, db 1/2burpee atrocity.) Ever since then they have not only welcomed me into their box every time I'm in Sacramento, they sent tons of love during my heart surgery, and at competition time.

I say "they" like I don't know these people. I went to middle school with their pride and joy "Hot Josh." I am a St. Francis Alum along with the recently graduated Sarah Cheever and fellow redhead spirit addict Anne Harty. I played water polo with half of Brian Nabeta's Arden Hills swim team. Their gym blog is one of 5 CrossFit blogs on my navigation bar next to,,, and This group truly rounds out the "family" atmosphere when I am in Sacramento to visit my parents. CFES is part of my CrossFit Family and I recommend their box as a must see in Nor Cal.

Thanks again to CFES for the hospitality. All of you are welcome to come visit Austin, TX, and I'll take care of you- I promise it's not "real" Texas!