Wednesday, November 2, 2011

5 week countdown

I am on a 5 week countdown for my second to last semester in Sport Management Graduate School.

Thus far I have taken classes in:
Human Resources
Organizational Behavior
Event Management
Strategic Management

Due before December 13th:
Simulation Report
Case Study
Research Report
Consultancy Project
Term Paper
Participation Memo
2 Finals

In the spring I plan to take:
Facilities Management
International Sport Governance
Legal Issues in Sport Advertising
And present my Internship...

Where will I go from there?

Will this masters degree be a launching pad for a successful career in the sport industry? Will I rise through the ranks of Intercollegiate Athletics to become the first female Athletic Director of a Division 1 University to rank in the top 10 highest paid? Will I change the face of USA Track and Field by designing new legislation on doping? Will I establish a wildly popular CrossFit competition planning business that hosts the most exciting CrossFit events nation wide? Will I establish a campaign to decrease the 33% of obese adult Americans? Will I establish a non-profit group that raises money for endocarditis awareness? Will I dive into something  completely unexpected or never put this degree to use?


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