Thursday, November 10, 2011

Creating a new normal

"Every moment you have a choice – to be at peace or to be in resistance. When you are at peace you attract positive energy and when you resist you create negative vibes that reflect back on your being. It’s a simple choice and yet most people unconsciously choose to live in negativity.It’s not your boss, colleagues, parents, ex or the traffic, but your own perception that creates stress and negative energy. Circumstances are neutral. You will generate positive vibes when your inner state is one of alignment and congruence, instead of being resistive." 
-Sen from

I talked to one of the most easy going and positive people I know today, Elliot Schrock. As I have struggled with letting go of beat down workouts and imperfect planning, he reflected on the idea that we have to allow ourselves to adjust. I don't need to let down my standards or settle, but to be in a state of contentedness with where I am. To be ok with today because the sun will come up tomorrow. Another great post on this came from Becca Borawski and the CFLA Blog.  By accepting that today is exactly as it should be, that there is nothing more to be done, I can create a new sense of normalcy.

At the same time as I am choosing today ireality - I am working on another vision board. It's been about a year since I made my first one and it's time to update it. I will post pictures of the old one and the new one when it is done. This exercise is meant to bring positive intentions and focus for the future and to recognize when those visions become part of the new normal.

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