Wednesday, October 19, 2011

skin ink

My parents always said that I could get a tattoo when I'm 30, but that it will kill them.

So I'm really not ever going to get one... plus I already have a scar that is worth a million tats.

That scar does come into play here, what if I were to incorporate the scar into the tattoo? Make it part of a ribbon that runs around my body. Or even to write words along the scar as a border. Just something to make it pretty.
I've been thinking about the symbols, words, and colors that have meaning in my life. I feel most connected to the people in my life that have always loved and supported me and based on my opening sentence, they would find no honor in a tattoo of their name.

I have good feelings towards my Finnish background and definitely relate to the term sisu. I love abstract designs including the ones that I have saved from the corners of notebook pages and the backs of 3x5 cards.

All in all, I would want a tattoo to be pretty much non-visible in daily apparel, which mostly defeats the purpose. Or I could go with an exact copy of the picture on the left and never talk to my parents again.

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