Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Putting Money in the Bank

It has been a little over four months since the sternotomy and we recently had a little goal setting session at one of the CrossFit Central Fall Semester Coaches Classes. I had come up with a list of physical goals that I want to check each month and developed some generic life goals as well.
"Get a Muscle up before Movember." "Three outside class workouts per week." "Dial in nutrition and maintain body composition." "Be proactive." "Know when to be patient." "Grow competitive spirit." "Straight A's this semester, never miss a class."

However, marinating on this subject after the class and after group WOD's, I came up with a more specific goal.

"Put money in the bank."

To me this means making deposits emotionally, physically, and materially as well. I need to look at situations as bankable experiences, even if the outcome isn't terribly successful.  Every WOD, class, assignment, project, meal, conversation, will be an investment towards the future.  I am also looking for employment to make actual financial contributions to my bank account.  This mindset of seeing the bankability of activities has created a positive outlook on recovery, purpose in school, and life here in Austin.

Recently I deposited:
7 Rounds of Cindy in 12 min
1:19 for 400m run
4x 75# Press
5 Days On, 2 Days Off
165# Front Squat
105# Bench Press
3 Sessions Muscle Up Practice
4x 4 mixed grip dh pull ups, 5 man makers 25#- 11:24

Longhorn Football Game
9/11 Memorial Service
Early morning walk around Town Lake
Chicken and waffles
Subsequent IF experimentation
Website project brainstorming
Quizzes in all three classes

Saving up for when I need to check my account and make transfers and withdrawals later...

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