Friday, September 17, 2010

Blowing up the comfort zone

Three drastically different deposits this week.

Thursday was the breakdown/suckitup/walkitoff/toughenup/learn/grow/perspectivesetter. I set some new PR's to start the morning because they were movements I've never tested before. The following metcon set some baselines as well in terms of "hard" and what will qualify as "worse" in the future. The most bankable aspects were that I kept squatting even through the choked up feeling and that I did every damn rep, no scaling, no modifications. I learned that I'm still not a quitter. I banked 300 reps, in sets of 2-3-4-5. I broke through my comfort zone and into that unhappy place and made it my sunny day, even though the sun wouldn't come up for another half an hour. And then I went home, ate steak and raspberries and coconut juice, showered, slept, ate sausage and eggs, and moved on with my life. No pity party, victory hug only for having completed it.

Friday was the shakeitout/letitgo/breathedeep/havesomefun/weekendwarmup. Got back onto the rower for the first time in Texas, but the lack of a monitor on the SicFit erg means that we just rowed for 250 strokes. I actually really appreciated not staring at a tiny demeaning computer and was able to think about technique and the potential power output. Went through the motions on some skills, including the always exciting sledgehammer tire strikes. I like to think of myself as a woods-woman when I'm hitting the tire, maybe wearing a plaid top, jorts, and boots, splitting wood to take home on the 4-wheeler to cook freshly dressed venison (holy shit I've been living in Texas too long to actually think that is acceptable.) Moving on I realize that that ridiculous fantasy probably just stems from my love affair with the BFT because the next exercise with tire flips with jump-through.  The flips/jumps were hard, I got really dirty and I loved it.

Also did rugby fitness testing Wednesday night.
1 min anchored sit ups- 46
40m sprint- 5.7
max push ups- 31 (not chest to deck, 90degree elbows)
300m run- 1:09 (50m shuttle style)

Big rivalry week ahead. The Horns are gonna hook Tech tomorrow, then I will be wearing every single piece of UCLA gear that I have throughout the week until the Bruins come to Darrell K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium next Saturday after Fight Gone Bad 5!

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  1. It's just too bad you don't own much UCLA stuff.