Monday, April 9, 2012

why "Killing in the Name" is the best Rage Against the Machine song ever.

let's start it off slowly... bass... cowbell... killing in the name of...

this song has been described as "a howling, expletive-drive tirade against the ills of American society." this description is absolutely correct.

it is an angry, thrashing riff, that takes you through pace, tone, and emotional changes. it builds. it burns.

it has the f-word repeated 17 times in the uncensored version. there are approximately 7 lines repeated over the course of the 4 minute and 4 second song.

the guttural uggh! and come on! spit the disgust of a man enraged by the injustices of society. Zack de La Rocha keeps you at the edge of unrest through the variety of his expression.

when Winchester and I saw RATM live at the LA Coliseum last summer the crowd absolutely erupted, the mass of bodies cascading and crashing against each other.

the passion of this song will change your paradigm. the multitude of expression with overwhelm your conscious thought and propel you into the fire.

... and now you do what they told ya.

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