Thursday, February 2, 2012

writings on the wall

Never mind the craycray videos for these songs, they sound good with out the visual I promise.

So what's gone down since January 19th?

  • The Fittest Games: Sold Out Competition, Packed House, Attended By The World's Greatest Athlete and the World's Greatest Best Friend
  • The First 3 Weeks of My LAST Semester of Grad School
    • Where I Learned:
      • The Modern Appropriation of the Olympics Have Been Largely Influenced by Politically and Socially Conservative Aristocrats
      • Thermodynamics Have Led to Obesity in America
      • Study Sport Facilities Can Be All About the "Feelings" That Place Creates and Nothing Else
  • 6 Solid Sessions of Bikram Yoga, 1 Near Syncope Session
  • The Cat Finally Slept in the Basket
  • Acupuncture This Week, Chiro/ART Next Week, Repeat
  • 165lb Back Squat x 20 12 Reps
  • Michael Duke Winchester Made It Into the Daily Texan Before I Did
  • Scooter Became a Quitter, and Got Knocked Down While Already Out of Commission 
  • I Don't Know Who Is In the Super Bowl
That's it for now. Give those tunes a jingle and come at me.

Fist Bumps and Head Butts

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  1. Rad on so many levels. What chiro do you see in Austin? I'm cheering for you this open! Get it girl.