Friday, February 10, 2012

body work

Stronger Faster Healthier Fish Oil (Mint!)- post wod or in the AM
Glucosamine, Condrotin, & MSM- AM
B-Complex Vitamin - AM
Ferrous Sulfate (Iron) - AM
Women's MultiVitamin- AM
Stronger Faster Healthier Whey Protein (Chocolate!)-  Post Workout Formula
Natural Calm Magnesium Supplement (P- before bed
Herbal Kidney Support Powder (its name is in Chinese)- three times a day

Body Maintenance:
Next Level Chiropractic and ART- every other Wednesday
Austin Oriental Medicine Academy Acupuncture- alternating Wednesdays with Chiro
Pure Bikram Yoga- at least twice a week

WOD Schedule:
  • Monday 
    • 11AM with Lisa and Whitney at CrossFit Central
    • 1PM with Competitors (Coaches and Staff) at CrossFit Central
    • 6:30PM Bikram Yoga
  • Tuesday
    • 7AM with Travis Holley's Strictly Strength at RedBlack Gym
    • I will add the Oly Session at 9AM.... @ RBG
  • Wednesday
    • 1PM Competitors @ CC
  • Thursday
    • 6:30PM Bikram
  • Friday
    • 9AM Squat Session 20 Rep Max @ RBG
    • 1PM Competitors @CC
  • Saturday
    • I will add a Track Session at 9AM
    • 11AM Competitors @ Various Locations
  • Sunday
    • 3PM Bikram Yoga

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